Getting Equipped for Active Ageing

Equipment for active aging refers to any piece of equipment, gadget or technology that supports the independence of older people.

These materials have been developed to increase awareness of what equipment is available, increase confidence to choose and use it, and provide advice on how to get hold of it. We hope that this information is used by individuals and groups. We think it is particularly relevant given the context of reducing statutory provision and increasing numbers of people who will be asked to make sometimes complex decisions about care options, including the purchase of equipment.

The materials are free to download and can be used to run informal awareness raising sessions with 

  • older people, or
  • staff and volunteers that work with older people.

To share the materials with older people

  • Through a presentation and discussion download this PowerPoint presentation (2 MB)  here and group leader guide here
  • Through a more informal small group discussion, download the discussion guide here.

To share the materials with staff and volunteers who work with older people download this PowerPoint presentation (2MB) here and group leader guide here.

In all cases, the useful information handout provides a detailed list of further sources of information and advice on equipment for active aging, and is designed to accompany the materials. Download the handout here

The materials are designed as a guide for learning together and improving confidence. No one needs to be an expert.

If you would like to work with FAST to adapt and deliver the materials for a specific target group please email

This material has been produced by FAST, in collaboration with Assist UK, the WRVS and Age UK, with the input of older people and with funding from the Department of Health.

We would appreciate your feedback on this material. Please send us details of how you used it, if members of the group found it helpful and any suggestions for changes to

The resources have been produced as a result of a three-year project which investigated the market for learning materials for older an disabled people.
A report on the first and second years' activity, including market analysis and business model review, can be downloaded here.


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