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Project Details

Keywords: [Communication Difficulties and Communication Aids]
Name: PCAD - Portable Communication Assistant for people with acquired Dysphasia [archived - not updated]
Start Date: 1st Dec 96
End Date: 1st Dec 00
Total Project Fund: 1,100,000Euros
Background: Dysphasia is a disorder of language following brain damage commonly as the result of stroke, the incidence which is greatest in the over 60 age group. Many potential users are ambulant and need powerful, flexible communication devices, a need which is not satisfied by the current generation of AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) products, which focus on the needs of people with a speech rather than a language disorder.
Description: The PCAD project will utilise the collective knowledge and experience of a pan-European team of clinical partners in the rehabilitation of dysphasic people, to specify and develop a Portable Communication Assistant (PCA), which will provide functional communication and can be integrated into speech and language therapy.
Objective: The aim is to develop a portable communication device for people who have suffered a stroke to augment their current methods of communication. The phases involved in the project are to define the target population, specify and develop the communication device, perform clinical trials across Europe from which modifications to the device will be made prior to the commercial distribution of the device.
Progress: Twenty one units of hand-held communication aid were developed by the project. The device is now available under the product name of TouchSpeak from Richard Hill Associates London tel: 020 8368 6219.
General Info: Partners: Thames Valley University, Apple Computer UK Ltd, and European partners in Germany, Sweden, Portugal and Switzerland.

Organisations Involved In This Project


Organisation Name Type Tel Town Contact
Aphasia Computer Team - Speech and Language Therapy Research Unit
0117 918 6529
Ms J Wade

Funding for this project includes a contribution from:

Organisation Name Type Tel Town
European Commission - TIDE (Telematics for the Integration of Disabled and Elderly people
Grant Making Body