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Project Details

Keywords: [Assessment] [Orthotics] [Equipment Evaluation] [Seating] [Posture] [Cerebral Palsy] [Children]
Name: Adaptive seating and children with Cerebral Palsy [archived - not updated]
Start Date: 5th Aug 02
End Date: 4th Aug 05
Total Project Fund: 4,825UK Pounds
Background: The system exerts backwards force at the knee to stabilise the hip and pelvis with the aim of preventing deformity and increasing function.
Description: This study will address the effectiveness of a commonly used seating system for children with cerebral palsy. Children are being recruited from within the Neurodisability service of Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust, and also from within the North Thames region. They will be involved in the project for a period of six months during which time they will spend time with and without the adaptive seating. Children will be measured once monthly, using a standardised assessment of postural alignment and seated functional movement. A new assessment of seated function is being developed and will be administered at the same time.
Objective: The aim is to provide evidence and guidelines to improve the practice of those involved with providing advice on seating and positioning for children with cerebral palsy.
Progress: Results reported at the 2004 Posture and Mobility Group Conference suggested that the system is useful for controlling hip position, but may not be controlling or improving pelvic positioning for school-aged children with severe cerebral palsy. As at November 2005, project completed and thesis and articles in preparation.
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Organisations Involved In This Project

The main contact(s) for this project are:

Organisation Name Type Tel Town Contact
Institute of Child Health - Great Ormond Street Hospital
020 7242 9789
Dr Rachael McDonald

Funding for this project includes a contribution from:

Organisation Name Type Tel Town
NHS London
020 7932 3700

Publications that are an Outcome of this Project

Title Author / Editor Date Published
Case controlled trial of sacral pad and kneeblock system in for school aged children with cerebral palsy
Dr Rachael McDonald