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Course Details

Course Provider: Centre for Accessible Environments
Awarding Body: Royal Institute of British Architects CPD Providers' Network
Title: Inclusive environments and the DDA access auditing and building management
Level: Continuing Professional Development

This course is aimed at those seeking to gain an understanding of the practicalities of access improvements in light of the DDA, develop skills as access auditors, or gain an understanding of the practicalities of implementing access into building management practices.

The course provides training in:

  • access awareness
  • the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and 2005
  • access auditing
  • design appraisals
  • access strategies

Participants receive an updated copy of CAE's best-selling Access Audit pack including the new Access Audits Handbook, which includes the Centre's award-winning film Access Audits – a planning tool for businesses.

The course content covers legislation, access awareness, auditing methodology, best practice guidance, report writing, design appraisals and a practical access audit and feedback session. It also includes a live access audit of the training venues and may include interactive feedback from representatives of the venue.


Training Coordinator
Centre for Accessible Environments
70 South Lambeth Road
London SW8 1RL
Tel/textphone: 020 7840 0125
Fax: 020 7840 5811
Email: training@cae.org.uk  
Website: www.cae.org.uk  

Additional Info: The Access Lab, London
Duration: 3 days